hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world

now i am work on text and image.
i have chosen text from the novel'Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world' by Haruki Murakami which is a full of wired imagery for me.
i worked on the newspaper to choose topics,though, i couldn't enjoy and the works i made are dead, so i have had tutorials with ulla and darryl to talk about this matter and they arrowed me to changed it.
so maybe i have to make it successfully...
this novel was written in late 80's and two stories are promoted simultaneously. 
one story is taken place in the real world the main character live in(late 80s)and the other is in the imaginative area which he created called 'the end of the world'.
the point i like this novel is that these 2 stories seems completely different and can't find any similarity at the first reading, but gradually they prompt towards the one ending.
when i read this, i felt many things is mixed up in my head. lots of images came to my head and disappeared one after the other.

now i am thinking to make series of screen printing. 

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