house is

i tried to upload my animation on youtube, though,it didnt move correctly. so i put this here.
it lost a quality when i transfer this here.
but hope you can get the atmosphere of the animation.

good nite:)


architecture in helsinki

when i was looking for some video of ARCHIGRAM or something about architecture in youtube,i found this band serendipitously.
their music clips are really fun and i love it:)


i like them doing silly things with a serious mind.
i don't know much about them,though, they seems like art students.


a game

i have started to shoot the final piece.
the color is too pale and did not work very well in some part.
so,i will shoot again...


references for the animation

i found these nice animations.

this animation made by PES. the animations they made are so nice.
i like the frog.


and framy the square dog

i like their song as well.

10 stick anime



i'm making a story for the animation.
and now i'm going to use my old photos(on top/me and younger brother in childhood)

it's a story of a visiter coming to the(my?)house and ....not sure yet.
this is a test for that.


trials for animation

now i'm making

a house.

i've tested some moving images using SLR(my first time to use it). now i'm wondering if i'd use cutting things here and mix with the pieces of paper and draw on top of it. and i'm not sure about this a bit dark color...
anyway i have to think about a story..
i've read half of the introduction of 'THE POETICS OF SPACE',though, it's difficult for me to understand. it's a very philosophical book. i still like to read these kind of books though...
here the test films



i am making some imitations.
it's a tough work more than i expected...
can you imagine what i am making?
to be continued-


time to rest

these are some works i did for zine fair and the exhibition last year.
i like to play around paper cuts.



i have found this really nice book from the library.
these are only a part of them.
it has lot more and more nice paper cutouts!
the book title is 'Wycinanka Ludowa'.
this is russian? unfortunately the texts inside are all by language that i can't read...

can i use paper cutouts?

some nice old prints

these are some nice prints i have found from the markets.
i like these old and cheap? prints.
and i really like descriptive pamphlets.

they only use limited colors,though, it works very well.
i think i could try this for my works.


hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world

now i am work on text and image.
i have chosen text from the novel'Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world' by Haruki Murakami which is a full of wired imagery for me.
i worked on the newspaper to choose topics,though, i couldn't enjoy and the works i made are dead, so i have had tutorials with ulla and darryl to talk about this matter and they arrowed me to changed it.
so maybe i have to make it successfully...
this novel was written in late 80's and two stories are promoted simultaneously. 
one story is taken place in the real world the main character live in(late 80s)and the other is in the imaginative area which he created called 'the end of the world'.
the point i like this novel is that these 2 stories seems completely different and can't find any similarity at the first reading, but gradually they prompt towards the one ending.
when i read this, i felt many things is mixed up in my head. lots of images came to my head and disappeared one after the other.

now i am thinking to make series of screen printing. 


some of my recent works

i used many off cuts to make shapes.i sometimes do these kind of things for a change.

organize my thoughts

my 4 projects are these below.
2:Daily and Non daily(3D)
3:Opposite(Set of illustrations)
4:Text and Image(Set of prints)

i've changed a lot from IPS that i wrote last year.

-Text and Image
i will change the resource of Text and Image from newspaper stories to some novel that i haven't chosen yet. that could be Sagan, Dostoyevsky,Kastner, Haruki Murakami,or others.
i want to refer old russian prints for this, so i think it should be an old novel.

-Daily and Non daily
i've been thinking how i can connect circus and fairground idea to Daily and Non daily. and i thought they are the unreal world that sometimes come to our daily life like fleeting fantasy. outcome would be toy? maybe i will use woods...i'll do more research about this.

i'll play around making animations and editing for a while and i'll ask some people (3-5?)to make a house with my kit and write their images for a house, and then i will draw and make animations for that.

i'll start to draw some roughs and think about how to show them.


Old Russian

i love a taste of old Russian. i want to try lithography...for what?


When i looked for some images for Opposite project(funny-scary),i found these circus images. 
Now i think i'll use these for Daily and Non daily project. This is completely new idea for this. 
After I finished presentation, I've stated to rethink how I develop my work  for daily and non daily...
My ideas were making strange scenes or remaking old photos. 
But when i think what i really want to do, some other key words came up in my mind as below.

-old memories
etc ...

I'm thinking how I can cast my ideas into shape.



i love these colors that is quiet and nostalgic.


Antipode? Opposites?

i named the 4th theme 'Antipode' ,but Tansy said it's doesn't mean what i thought of. maybe it's now 'Opposites' .
my current idea is making '1+1=2' illustrations.
that'll be something like this above.....
this is very rough drawing.
i've not decided how i would show them if i would make a book or just display them on the wall...?

i am going to make 10 of this.
these are some opposite things that i would work on.


some images for text and image from old books.