Antipode? Opposites?

i named the 4th theme 'Antipode' ,but Tansy said it's doesn't mean what i thought of. maybe it's now 'Opposites' .
my current idea is making '1+1=2' illustrations.
that'll be something like this above.....
this is very rough drawing.
i've not decided how i would show them if i would make a book or just display them on the wall...?

i am going to make 10 of this.
these are some opposite things that i would work on.


some images for text and image from old books.

Johnny kelly

Ulla showed me Johnny Kelly's animation for some idea.
that's interesting and reminds me of an old video game which i used to play with my brother when i was a little.
'making of the SEED' is interesting to see how this animation created.

now i think i will try to shoot some people making house with my kit that i made before and ask them 'what a house mean to you?'or their memories about house and then i will draw or make 3D stuff for that, mix them and connect all together at the end as if they are all connect together.

creating scene

the artists from the top;


images from the top:
Barbara Ehrbar,Antonia Low,Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger

now i'm thinking to make a series of photographs of scenes in a daily life. the scenes that i'll make will be like a 'what's wrong with this picture?'. i don't know how to say it in english,but the idea is that i want to make scenes looks normal at first sight, but when you look it carefully there is something unnatural going on. 
forexample, the moment of spilling somthing(i want to make this SOMETHING with something...)or strange creature in a cup like the artist i mentioned before?

so now it's really unclear about the use of old photo for any project. but i enjoy use old photos anyway, just continue until any good idea come.

i am torn between this creating scenes idea and old photo idea.........

stitching on fabric

i forgot this artists name,though, i like it.
maybe he(or she)stitched on ready made fabric. the one strange creature in a beautiful garden...it's nice and cute.

how to make things

These are images of making letters and figures using a kind of block toy.
i like watching something building up from the very beginning towards the finished form. And also like to see how people thinking which piece to use.



these are some examples of using old photos.
the top one is by Annette Lemieux titled 'Jane Doe'.
the second one is Boltanski's work titled 'Mickey Mouse Club in 1995'
And the bottom two are the works of Mari Mahr.


test for house film


the most scary dream that i had when i was a child

two in one

i've started to make a test pieces and play around House project.
I'm a beginner for making moving images so i talked with Ulla from this tuesday and she helped and gave a lots of advices for me.
These movies above are trials for understanding how still images move.
Next, i'll try to change speeds and mix several animations together.
And i want to imagine what kind of sound behind them when i draw.


illustrations for .....??

First I made these for 'Daily and Non Daily',but now i am thinking to produce series of fake objects for it.
So these are just experimental illustrations. Maybe i will use this idea for Antipode project. 


I took these photos for a trial.
The third one, I made fake brick with blocks.
I am now wondering to produce a series of fakes with several materials(woods, toys, fabrics...). 
I also want to try to make a screen printing of spots and shadows and then put on the wall.




This house project continues from my Live Project work that I made a book of a house.

This is one of the test piece that I shot when I was doing Live project last term.
The idea is basically shooting a film of people making a house.
And I want to edit it focusing people's hands moving.I like to watch people moving their hands with thinking which piece to use.
I have not decided whether I would make a sound or just use the sound in a film (sound of paper)yet.

I am going to write story board first and then shoot with high quality camera and tripods in a sunny day hopefully. 

4th theme

I have been thinking about the 4th theme for a long time.
First I was going to do 'music and image' to produce some images or short animations for music I would chose. But I lost interests in this, so I struggled to rethink another theme. And now I think I have found one.
I am going to produce works for the theme 'antipode'.
For example, I am interested in
I am a child, but an adult.
This is simple, but complication.
That is big, but small.

I like something has antipodes.
I don't know what the final piece would be.
I will explore and make some trials from now.
I already have some idea... 


These are some trials with using beads toy.
I am now thinking to make mixed media illustration for Daily and Non Daily project, but not sure yet...

house face

The way of thinking Non Daily

This shows how to think strange equipments.
First, he remembered what he touched in the morning and then, rethought the objects by adding the word 'strange'.


children's toy

I want to use beads toy for my project.


His works contain many fantasy elements.
The people he draw doesn't look a real human and the surroundings are unnatural and eccentric, though,it seems that he draw them as his world is the real world rather than the world we live.
I am interested in the borderline between the real and unreal world.