some of my recent works

i used many off cuts to make shapes.i sometimes do these kind of things for a change.

organize my thoughts

my 4 projects are these below.
2:Daily and Non daily(3D)
3:Opposite(Set of illustrations)
4:Text and Image(Set of prints)

i've changed a lot from IPS that i wrote last year.

-Text and Image
i will change the resource of Text and Image from newspaper stories to some novel that i haven't chosen yet. that could be Sagan, Dostoyevsky,Kastner, Haruki Murakami,or others.
i want to refer old russian prints for this, so i think it should be an old novel.

-Daily and Non daily
i've been thinking how i can connect circus and fairground idea to Daily and Non daily. and i thought they are the unreal world that sometimes come to our daily life like fleeting fantasy. outcome would be toy? maybe i will use woods...i'll do more research about this.

i'll play around making animations and editing for a while and i'll ask some people (3-5?)to make a house with my kit and write their images for a house, and then i will draw and make animations for that.

i'll start to draw some roughs and think about how to show them.


Old Russian

i love a taste of old Russian. i want to try lithography...for what?


When i looked for some images for Opposite project(funny-scary),i found these circus images. 
Now i think i'll use these for Daily and Non daily project. This is completely new idea for this. 
After I finished presentation, I've stated to rethink how I develop my work  for daily and non daily...
My ideas were making strange scenes or remaking old photos. 
But when i think what i really want to do, some other key words came up in my mind as below.

-old memories
etc ...

I'm thinking how I can cast my ideas into shape.



i love these colors that is quiet and nostalgic.